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Jules & Kent Pasta Sauces

Pasta Sauces & Salsa

Jules & Kent

Italian Pasta Sauces

Prepared with premium all-natural ingredients, gluten free and no preservatives.

Lower sodium than national brands created in small batch production

Lively Salsas for Your Next Shindig!

Vibrant and fun salsas with full-bodied flavour. Guaranteed to be a smash hit! Chock full of vegetables, fruit, lime juice and fresh cilantro!

Delicious when mulled with wine, cider or juice. Enjoy the festive aroma as the spices simmer.

Made entirely with whole spices and dried fruit.

Mulls 5 bottles of wine or 5 litres of juice.

Makes a great gift!

Time-saving and cost effective for consumers.

Detailed instructions included on the package.

Boast about your roast! Brining isn’t just for the holidays anymore!